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Business Letters (IOS App)

Business Letters App (version 1.0) release on Appstore November, 2014. It contain 36 business letters. It will help you to write an invitation letter,reply an appointment request... to your partners. You can change sample to send it via email or post to Facebook. 

* Version 1.0:
There are 36 letters sample.

* Version 1.1:
Added 5 letters sample.

*Version 1.2:
- Added 7 letters sample.
- Made some minor layout changes.

Business Letter 2 (IOS App)

Your business letter is a representation of your company, so you want it to look distinctive and immediately communicate "high quality.". Business Letter 2 is an IOS app. This app contain over 40 business letter sample; letter template; and how to write a business letter. You can change this letter sample to comfort with your business and share it via email.



Business Letter Sample include:
+ Accept an invitation to brunch, charity, luncheon, graduation, reception, banquet, dance, Halloween, dinner, present the product line, meet marketing team, discuss the management plan, talk about new line of products;
+ Accept the position as marketing representative, position as computer programmer, position of Social Worker, engineering position;
+ Accept a resignation;
+ Accept an honor;
+ Accept to serve as honorary chairperson, honorary board member, honorary member for fund-raiser, honorary festival;
+ Accept and express appreciation for a suggestion;
+ Congratulate an employee;
+ Congratulate someone;
+ Congratulate someone on his or her retirement.

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